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Who am I ?

I am Joery and have started a small breeding project as a hobby.

From ever since i was little boy i had a big fascination for animals, especially cold blooded ones.

Until 2011 i studied Animalcare at the VABI.
During which i was a volunteer at the reptilezoo the Serpentaruim located at Blankenberge.
As well had an Internship at this zoo.

Another very interesting internship was with the Veterinary doctor Inge Thas.
Under her guidance i have learned a lot of new things.

Im am both places very thankful for these wonderful experiences!

What started With a pet beared dragon on my 16th birthday has now grown to a hobby collection of several animals and species.

The idea of breeding reptiles and other critters has been in my head for a long time.
But in 2018 i took it upon me to turn that into a reality.


At the end of 2019 the first clutch hatched.
A dream that came true... 

Hopefully i can enjoy this beautiful passion for many years yet to come.

For now we mainly breed Ball pythons,
But who knows ?
This might change in the future!


Don't hesitate to contact us.
Furthermore do i wish you lots of fun on the website.

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